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Ricardo Beccari is Brazilian, born in the city of São Paulo - SP
Professional photographer since 1982, began his career in photojournalism, in the middle of 1989 he set up his first studio in São Paulo, in addition to publicity shots he makes aviation photos.

Participation in books
On the Trail of '' Smoke '' 2012 (author)
Brazil Top Seen 2013 (co-author)
Photography Techniques 2013 (co-author)
Museum, Wings of a Dream 2015 (Author)

Individual Banco Real cultural center Vergueiro
Cole Metro Station
Canon EAA Collective - Oshkosh - 2008/10/08
Individual Adventure Sport fair - Ibirapuera Biennial
Single '' Air to Air '' 2012 - EAB
Individual "São Paulo by Ricardo Beccari" 2018

Aviation Week - Commercial air to air - USA
PDN Aviation marketing - USA

Honors and participations
Honorary member # 35 EDA "Esquadrilha da Fumaça"
Employee Emeritus Brazilian Army
ISAP - International Society for Aviation Photography

Appearances on TV shows
Jô's show, talk show by Jô Soares - Globo
Male Vision, talk show by Ronie Von - Gazeta
Recipe for two, talk show by Edu Guedes - Record News
Darcio Arruda Program, talk show by Darcio Arruda - TV +
Domingo Legal, entertainment by Celso Portiolli - SBT
Beccari is Presenter of the program "Door of Hangar"

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